10 secret information that guarantees you an exceptional and unforgettable trip in the South Korean capital, “Seoul”!

Suppose you plan to visit South Korea during the coming period. In that case, you should allocate the bulk of your program to spend it in the capital, “Seoul,” characterized by cultural diversity and multiple tourist destinations.

Through the following lines, we will give you ten secret pieces of information that will facilitate your vacation in Seoul and make you see it from a different and exceptional perspective than many other tourism programs can offer you, as it comes from the real experiences of many bloggers who visited South Korea recently, so do not miss it Read this report!


  • Spring and summer are the best times to enjoy a visit to the Korean capital, Seoul so that you can spend as much time as possible in its streets to explore it fully without fear of low temperatures that may accelerate your feeling of stress or cause you a cold that prevents you from completing the trip as you plan, primarily since Seoul It is known that its weather in the winter is freezing, mainly if you are used to living in warm or humid areas.

The spring and summer weather in Seoul is generally hot, with the possibility of light rain, but the humidity levels are low, so you can roam freely for long hours without feeling tired.

Tour in the South Korean capital "Seoul"

When we get to Incheon Airport, the first thing we have to do is change the foreign currency that we own from one of the exchange companies located inside the airport so that we can get a return for it from the local currency “colors,” because it is difficult to get any good or service In exchange for your foreign currency. Your foreign currency should be in dollars, not euros, because it is easy to convert. As for your local currency, you can’t be able to convert it to Korean currency or to be able to buy anything with it inside South Korea.

And know that the US dollar these days equals about 1122 Korean won. This is because thesis because this is because the prices in Korea are somewhat high compared to the local prices inside your country; therefore, try not to reach any commodity you buy at its original price inside your home country so you do not feel upset.


  • The SIM card of your mobile phone will not work in “S”oul” “ven if you have set it to the roaming feature. Therefore you have one of two alternatives: to communicate with your relatives and friends throughout your stay in Korea through electronic social networks or rent a SIM card With a Korean number from “I”cheon” “irport before leaving. It is preferable to resort to the second option if your stay in “S”oul” “ill be extended and you want to communicate with your friends inside and in your homeland.


  • Transportation services in Korea are diverse, comfortable, and available. For example, if you want to move in luxury, you can rent a private car service, or taxis, which are somewhat expensive. But suppose you want to drive economically and save your expenses by visiting the most significant possible number of attractions at the lowest possible cost. In that case, you have to rely on the subway network, considered the best in the world, and you can also travel by buses, which are rarely crowded with passengers.

Tour in the South Korean capital "Seoul"

To move freely in the capital, Seoul, you have to download the Seoul subway network app on your smartphone, and you also have to learn how to buy tickets for it through many educational videos available on YouTube.


  • As for residence within the capital, Seoul, there are many options in front of you, including accommodation in hotels that differ in the degree of luxury according to the price of the room. You can also rent a small apartment or “h”stel,” “nd you can choose your place of residence according to your budget after a small search through the Internet.


  • As for food, South Korea is distinguished, like other East Asian countries, with seafood dishes. However, its cuisine varies between serving raw or cooked fish dishes in different and innovative ways. This is your chance to try some flavors and types of foods that are unfamiliar to you. And do not miss the famous “k”mchi” “ish served with almost every meal, which is a dish of pickled cabbage and spicy radish.


Suppose you want to eat halal meat dishes slaughtered in the Islamic way. In that case, you should visit the “I”alian” “rea from time to time because it includes a variety of halal restaurants that offer Turkish, Indian, and Arabic food with the best meat.

Tour in the South Korean capital "Seoul"

Also, do not miss eating Korean street food, which is described as the most delicious in the world, especially the “f”sh cakes” “hat everyone travels to South Korea specifically to taste from one of the street vendors in the streets of the capital, “S”oul.”

“lso, do not forget to taste one of the delicious Korean ice cream cones, which many bloggers describe as the most delicious in the world. They have lovely and unique flavors that do not resemble the taste of any ice cream you have eaten.


Korean cuisine offers several items in one meal, as it relies on the central course system with many small side dishes, and it also serves soup and fish dishes in all meals, even at breakfast.

Fruits are costly in South Korea because they are not grown in abundance within its lands and are imported, and therefore you can take some types of fruits that are easy to store, such as apples, peaches, and grapes, inside your travel bag.

Tour in the South Korean capital "Seoul"

  • Moving within the streets of the capital, Seoul, is very safe at any time during the day, even in the early morning hours, but if you are going to move alone late at night, try to avoid the streets where the bars are located, because Koreans are used to drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages In the evening after a long day of work, so the streets around the pubs are boisterous.


  • If you are keen on exercising regularly, traveling to Korea will bring you great benefits, as you can practice your physical exercises or any sporting activity you like for free through the open gardens in which the Korean government has placed many fitness devices for free for the pioneers, and has also established many Football and basketball courts and swimming pools open for free to all.


  • Throughout your travels in the Korean capital, “S”oul,” “ou will see many attractions and sights worth contemplating, especially the open gardens. However, do not miss seeing the “N”msan” “ark, an ecological island with many wild animals and trees, such as pine trees.

Tour in the South Korean capital "Seoul"


Also, do not miss the scenes of the Namsan Tower or the “New N Tower” located in “he Namsan r”gion, which offers you a breathtaking panoramic picture of the Korean capital, where you will enjoy watching the skyscrapers with their unique, strange designs surrounded by mountains and incredible landscapes on every side.

As for the historical aspect, you should visit Deoksugung Palace, which dates back to the mid-fifteenth century and is characterized by its unique architecture that follows the form of traditional Korean buildings.


  • And now that we have revealed to you nine secrets that guarantee you a pleasant and enjoyable visit to the Korean capital, Seoul, it remains to mention to you the tenth and final secret, which is to download the  71 Seoul Best Place application, which will provide you with an integrated program to visit the most beautiful 71 places in the Korean capital, Seoul, smoothly and efficiently. By arranging them according to your residence and helping you find the best means of transportation to move between these beautiful places in the shortest time.

Tour in the South Korean capital "Seoul"

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