Synonymous with luxury, but today cruises are within reach of any traveler.

If you want to cruise on your next vacation, don’t miss the following suggestions for finding cheap cruises.


Flight duration and season

The first thing you need to consider to find cheap cruises is where you want to go and what type of trip you want to take because taking a cruise for a few days is different than taking a one or two-week cruise. Likewise, we must also consider the cruise’s high and low seasons, depending on where we are going: Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe, Bermuda, Alaska, etc.

Sometimes, to find new cruise passengers, travel agencies and shipping companies offer special offers that usually include discounts for early booking, a package of drinks, or a free mate. Other suggestions can offer free flights or money to spend on the plane.

Another way to find cheap cruises is to monitor the websites of the shipping companies and travel agencies that interest you, as they can post attractive offers there.



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Cruises with excursions included

To promote cruises that require a flight to reach the port of departure, more and more shipping companies include the cost of flights in their booking with leaves from the most important airports.

This translates, in most cases, to the fact that traveling with the shipping company on their charter flights is cheaper than if we searched for it on our own. Unfortunately, this option is only available on some routes and departures.

Book in advance

To find cheap cruises, it’s best to book as soon as possible. Great deals are usually offered with three months’ reservations. Plus, in those cases, you’ll have more options for cabin selection and find lower rates and benefits on board. You can also get a better price when searching for flights or excursions in different ports.


It may also be the case that there are last-minute offers for unsold cabins that are amazingly priced even if their interior is not what you would have chosen from the start but keep this possibility in mind as it may be worth it.

On the other hand, if they improve the price after booking, try to negotiate with your travel agency again as they can reduce it or compensate you with benefits on the flight.

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Shipping company newsletters

A good tip for finding cheap cruises is to sign up for the shipping companies’ newsletter and follow them on their official social media pages. They usually report special offers only for subscribers or limited times to book with great deals, the possibility of upgrading cabins, excursions, etc.

Guaranteed cabins

One option for getting a cheaper cruise is booking a guaranteed deluxe room, although this possibility is still unknown. In this type of booking, you choose the cabin category without a specific task; that is, the traveler will know his final cabin only a few weeks before departure, respecting the class and type of his choice.

In this method, you can find deals, but you cannot choose a location. However, if there are no cabins of your level, the good thing is that they will automatically promote you to the next level.

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