50 tips, tricks and “secret” for a fun cruise

If it’s your first time on the sea or your 50th, there are always new cruise-related tips to discover. Cruze has gathered tips, tricks, and tricks you could profit from and take pleasure in.

The list is a mix of simple suggestions to help make your cruise more enjoyable to the most critical secrets cruise companies do not like to share.

Be early

Are you the kind that likes to board the ship first? Then, prepare to wait in long lines for others who want to accomplish the exact process; it will be highly crowded while boarding or disembarking from the vessel.
Instead, you should take your Time and take a few moments (or perhaps hours) to take a bite or relax on the boat, after which the party will end.

Get meals for no cost.

Are you confused between fish and chicken? Don’t worry; you can have both or two portions of the meal you enjoy.
Many people don’t even know that you can order whatever you like inside the principal dining area (or other eateries).
Cruise companies know that vacationers come to relax and have fun and that people love eating while on cruises.

prison.. an actual thing

Many ships have places to house unruly passengers. If you are at risk when the vessel is in the sea, you may be locked in an uncomfortable cabin until the ship arrives at the shore.

Security is not the same as the security of an airport.

You don’t need to endure the same problems you encounter at airports; you don’t need to remove belts or shoes or carry just three grams of liquid.
The only thing you need to know is to be sure that your luggage will be subjected to an x-ray and then pass through an electronic detector (there are no full-body scanners).

Cheap Souvenirs

Avoid the shop for gifts on the day you start the cruise to purchase souvenirs.
At the end of the cruise, these stores offer fantastic discounts. In addition, cruise companies offer various daily incentives to encourage passengers to purchase a few dollars.
Make sure you locate the price you’re looking for before purchasing.

Seasickness Medicines When Serving the Guests

Are you concerned about the chance of becoming sick on the flight? Take the seasickness medication you take, and don’t be worried if you don’t remember. If you begin feeling nauseated, make your way to the guest service desk and ask for seasickness medications. Cruise ships offer them to guests for free to keep them comfortable and relaxed during their cruise.

Walking is a great way to save lots of dollars.

Ports are the heartbeat of tourism in areas you’ll be visiting. After you have stepped off the vessel, you’ll be pursued by taxis and souvenir shops. Do not give up..and If you are looking for an affordable price, take a walk into the town. There are plenty of shops and taxis for much less.

Book early to save Time

Don’t wait until you’re already on the boat to make restaurant bookings for spa or restaurant reservations. The best times for booking will be fast, so you have fewer choices.
Every cruise company allows you to make reservations on the Internet (or on the phone) up to a month or two before your cruise. So if you know you’d prefer to dine in an establishment or make an appointment in the spa, make your reservations immediately.

The cameras will be watching.

Cameras are all over the cruise ship.
We’ve seen security cameras everywhere. However, Ships elevate it to a whole new level. Security cameras are in place to monitor every public area on the major cruise vessels. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll be allowed to be sneaky and do things that you should not.

Free Whole Pizza

Every ship you sail on has a restaurant where you can order a pizza. What if you’re in a bind? You can make a whole pizza for nothing. This way, you will be able to get precisely what you want instead of eating anything offered.

Your ship could transport refugees.

If you’re traveling from the ports of the east coast towards the west coast of the Caribbean, the chances are that you’ll be within the heart of the refugee crisis. The waters that lie between Florida, as well as Cuba are the place where Cubans attempt to make their journey toward America with the hope of making it to the mainland. It is commonplace that cruise vessels go by the people on rafts made of wood. The ships that transport passengers are legally required to help them. They have to come to their aid, even on an expedition.

Silver and Gold Aren’t the Real Deal

The sites that sell “gold” on board might appear to be a bargain. However, you must conduct your research and do your homework before buying. The majority of the time, the gold sold is gold-plated.

Request bedding stuffing.

If you feel the bed is uncomfortable, Ask your room manager to suggest an additional mattress that you can utilize. Most of them are kept in the room to create more comfy beds for guests.

Lunch and breakfast are offered in the dining area in

Everybody knows about the dinner served in the dining area. However, travelers typically serve breakfast and lunch in buffet formats. If you’re looking for a high-end dining experience, go towards the dining area, not the buffet. The restaurant serves both meals, however, with fewer people. The food tends to be more delicious.

Ports of Call don’t always go as planned.

Sure, the photos on the website of cruise companies depict crystal clear oceans and white beaches; however, in reality, many ports don’t look very attractive, especially in tourist zones.
The Caribbean For instance, the Caribbean is in dire need of help, and a lot of people rely on the money that tourists bring in. That means you should expect looting and pickpocketing. Some might be pushy, trying to force you into taxis or to open their shop.

The ideal location to spread viruses

Do you understand why you hear about “norovirus” aboard a cruise ship? It is because you can create the ideal environment to spread the virus by building a cruise ship. The best location to spread the disease is to have thousands of people living in an enclosed area with similar food facilities. To keep your health in check, ensure you wash your hands with hand sanitizer accessible on the entire ship.

The babysitter is in the room.

A travel tip for parents You’re likely to know that your cruise offers kiddie areas where you can drop your children off and take them to the beach or dinner. However, certain cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, offer private children’s services in the room. This excellent service will cost a bit more, but it can give you peace of mind when you’re looking to get out and have a great time aboard.

A warrant for arrest was executed.

If you’re the holder of an arrest warrant, be cautious before you go on a cruise. After you board, local authorities often examine the names of passengers through an online database to find any outstanding warrants for arrest. In addition, if the contracts are only for minor issues, they permit passengers to cruise before being removed from the vessel when the ship is at the port.

Your balcony is not a place of privacy.

If you’re thinking of sunbathing “outdoors” on your balcony, be aware that your patio will not provide total privacy. The space between the terraces is pretty low, which allows the breeze to move through. It also rises a few inches above the floor, allowing the water to flow. This means that anyone who is on the balcony adjacent to it will be able to observe what’s happening without having to exert a lot of effort.

Random Cabin Upgrades

Many cruise passengers receive random messages from the cruise line offering upgrading rooms from low-end to superior accommodations at less than. It’s, for instance, upgrading from an inside area to a balcony for just $200. This is a way for cruise lines to increase their profits and provide passengers with a more comfortable space.

You can order your favorite dish.

Didn’t chicken cordon bleu taste perfect this evening? Would you be willing to eat it once more? It’s possible when it’s not available on the menu. Ask the waiter whether he’s available. You can also choose any dish you’d like to eat, even if it’s not available on the menu during the entire cruise.

Your trip isn’t fixed.

Your trip could be altered until the ship arrives on the dock. Cruise lines are changing cruise schedules according to anything from weather conditions to protests. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, it happens like every other day. So you shouldn’t be shocked if something occurs to your travel plans.

Airport transfers are a terrible deal.

When planning your cruise, make sure you organize transfers at the point of departure from the airport where the cruise leaves. In addition, it is generally recommended to utilize taxi services like Uber and Lyft.

Pricing is the same on every website.

Do you have to go to site after site to find the most affordable price on your cruise? You should reconsider. We’ve discovered that the costs of tours are the same across every website.
It doesn’t mean that prices will never alter, but if prices change, it will be apparent that the price has changed across the board. Select your preferred site to look up and stop worrying about whether there is a less expensive site. (Costco generally has fantastic offers.)


Talkies It’s sometimes difficult to stay in contact with other members of the group. For instance, if you allow your teens to go freely on the vessel, then how would you notify them when you’re ready for dinner?
A walkie-talkie set available from Amazon will make communication much more straightforward. Of course, it’s not the ideal solution, but it’s a simple solution for communicating at sea and on the board.

The thermostat in the room may not be able to control everything.

Each cabin is equipped with the ability to set a thermostat. Logically, thermostats won’t operate. Two thousand places have various degrees of air conditioning could be difficult. This is why we recommend bringing an air conditioner that can be carried around.

Don’t use the Dryer for your Hair at Home. Dryer at home

Hair dryers can be found in every cabin, as well as you would find in a hotel. That means you can leave it at home and still have space in your bag. The hair dryer in the cabin isn’t big and not very powerful.

Use a small light

If you are in an indoor room, you cannot see windows, and there is no sunlight. The room turns utterly black once the door is shut and the lights are turned off. Keep a small flashlight around in your bag for illumination when required.

Make use of the cabin to be safe.

We live in a society in which you must be extra cautious about the things you own. Even on cruises, thefts can occur. Each cabin has an in-room safe that is best to use before your room is empty. It’s a great place to store any extra cash, electronic gadgets, passports, and other items. It’s not ideal (some security guards can open it in case of need). However, it does protect you from loss.

Beware of The Sun within the Tropics

It’s easy to overlook how fast you’ll be burnt in sunrays from the Caribbean sun. Rays that strike directly near the equator could cause burns. Therefore, wearing a wide-brimmed cap and plenty of sunblock is recommended.

Make a photograph of your address at home and your email.

It is possible to lose your phone or camera on your trip. To increase your chance of regaining them, write down your address at home and your email addresses on paper. Then, take a photograph of them. If someone stumbles across your phone and glares at the pictures, they will find the address for returning the camera or phone. Although this isn’t a guarantee, it’s a simple way to increase the chances of replacing them.

Older ships are more affordable.

If you’re looking for bargains, go for an old vessel. Even if a boat that’s old and a brand newer one sail along the same route, the prices of the old ship will be much lower. Of course, when you pay, you won’t have modern amenities like water slides and ten pools; however, you could get a discount on hundreds of cruises on an old boat for those who like to be in the water.

Pay cash in exchange for tips.

The cruise industry relies on your generosity to pay the salaries of staff who work for them. This is why you should not cut corners on giving tips. From baggage handlers, room service servers, or dining areas, you’ll need to pay them a couple of dollars when they’ve done well. We recommend bringing around $20 in $1 notes and bringing a few on your travels.

Your Phone On Airplane Mode

Numerous horror stories exist about cruise passengers not turning off their mobile data and coming back to discover massive international roaming fees waiting to be paid. Thus, you should orally shut off your phone completely or put it into airplane mode so that it doesn’t consume any data or join a network. It’s the easiest method to ensure that you don’t get any unpleasant unexpected charges when you receive your bill for your phone.

Pack more

Are you someone who takes an entire month’s worth of things to take on a week-long vacation? The great thing is the fact that cruise companies don’t have to operate with a strict policy on baggage similar to airlines. As a result, there aren’t any baggage charges or limits on the amount you are allowed to bring (within reason, of course). This makes organizing luggage simpler and less anxiety-inducing. But remember that the more baggage you carry, the more to move, and your luggage will take into the cabin.

You can pay to skip lines.

The line is waiting to register and waiting in line to board from the dock, in line waiting to talk to the guest service. Cruises can be devoid of enjoyment if you stay in line with others. Cruise companies are aware of this, and some even offer packages that let you bypass lines for various reasons.

Beware of travel insurance firms.

Although we believe that travel insurance is a great option to provide you with assurance, you should think twice before purchasing insurance from cruise lines when you buy your cruise. It’s certainly better than the alternative, but third-party cruise insurance usually is an excellent deal. However, the insurance offered by cruise lines is typically costly and limited. In addition, they don’t provide the same level of protection as third-party insurance.

Look up “Secret Decks”

Many ships have decks and decks that aren’t readily accessible yet nevertheless accessible to the public. If you’re looking to have some privacy and a way to escape from the crowds, finding these decks is an enjoyable experience.

Find a cabin on the central vessel.

Everybody appears to have their solution to seasickness. There is only one method that we’ve seen, and it is based on scientific reasoning. If you’re prone to seasickness, then book an area lower on the ship or as near the middle of the boat as possible.

The green apples of nature are a great cure.

It’s a fable or a story, but the green apples are believed as a healthy cure for seasickness. This is why you’ll find this on your buffet. So you can grab a few next time you’re feeling dizzy.

Room Small Room

Fan Always bring a small portable fan in your cabin along with you. There’s not a lot of airflow inside houses. If you’re the person who requires airflow to be comfortable, then you’ll feel uncomfortable inside the space.

a replica from the passport

The most secure place to store your passport is your hotel room. If you’re looking for an ID while in ports, you can make copies of the identification page from your access and take it along. Another option is to create a digital scan of your passport and send the image to you. So wherever you travel, you’ll be able to access an electronic copy of your passport accessible from any location through the Internet.

They accepted credit cards. BUT!

Credit debit cards can be used, particularly in tourist-friendly parts of coastal towns; however, paying for everything in cash is still recommended to ensure security. Contact your credit card provider first if you decide to use your credit card. Since the alert system of your bank could detect fraud if it sees the card was used at three different locations in three days, this could result in the account being frozen if the bank isn’t aware of what’s happening.

Optional for

vegan dietary restrictions? Gluten-free? Are you allergic to certain foods? Whatever your food limitations, cruise lines can accommodate everyone. Don’t wait until you’re already on the ship to inform the cruise line company of the restrictions on your diet. Contact them shortly after you’ve made your reservation and talk to an agent for customer service. They will be able to inform you about the available food options and take note of your reservation to notify the staff.

Warm Clothes

Even if you’re traveling to tropical regions, take some warm clothing. For example, if rain storms strike at night, it could be chilly on a cruise vessel cruising fast amid strong winds. Using a jacket with sleeves and a protected hood is a good idea in these conditions.

book from a vast agency

Make your reservations through an agent for travel who belongs to a significant agency. These agencies offer group bookings for many cruises, and you can book your cruise with these groups, providing lower costs and additional amenities.

Delay the payment for the cruise for as long as you can

There is always a deposit when you book your cruise; however, some travelers prefer to pay immediately. It’s certainly satisfying and relaxed when you pay for your flight, but there is the possibility of a price decrease. You probably know that cruise lines alter their prices just like airlines do. Therefore, if you pay in advance, contact the cruise line if you notice a price increase and request to determine the new cost. Paying for the whole trip can give you some leverage since you can cancel and return the booking at a lower price; however, if you’ve been paying for all the trips, you’ll lose this advantage. (Even if this happens, you can still call the company to request they bill you at a lesser cost.)

Buffet Snacks

Taking an apple or a bowl of cereal from the buffet could help when you’re on the shore, and your kids are hungry. It’s not allowed to do this; however, many people do it. Bring a few snacks along with you while you have fun during your day.

Expect deaths

It could be due to a natural cause (heart attack) or accidents (falling overboard). There are many deaths on cruise ships each year. In addition, with a regular schedule of cruises that carry thousands of passengers on each cruise, there is a chance that someone has died on the ship. This is fact cruise lines don’t talk about much.

The ship isn’t less important than its price.

. The ship is often chosen because of the cost, which is a significant error. Cruise lines, particularly those with large fleets, have numerous vessels. However, not all cruise ships are made equal. It is, therefore, essential to determine the dimensions of the boat that makes you feel at ease, as well as to know the date the ship was first put into service and the last time it was upgraded and maintained.

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