Best Cruise Ships for Family Vacations – Lines for Toddlers, Teens, and Seniors

Family cruises are adventures suitable for all age groups – from young children in the family to seniors who are still young at heart.

Family cruises have everything for everyone in the correct dose. With the latest trend of wanting to travel with the whole family – with elderly parents, distant cousins, etc., cruise companies have also begun to ensure that the vacation is the best possible value for the entire family to return next year.

Before booking your family cruise vacation, discuss the pointers we have mentioned below –

Activities for the family during the cruise

A typical family trip includes excellent dining options, spacious and luxurious accommodations, enchanting entertainment, large swimming pools, and adrenaline-inducing adventures. All of this makes for a perfect all-around family cruise package.

If you’re lucky, the cruise may have extras like mini golf, an ice rink, and fish ponds as attractions.

Activities for children during the trip















A good family trip also has unique attractions to engage kids of all ages. Some activities are pure entertainment for children, while others aim to engage parents and children during the cruise.

The cruises also have age-appropriate teen activities, so they’ll be busy.

Some cruises also have a free children’s program – to the extent that children under a certain age are accompanied for free. You have to find the right cruise package at the right time.

That’s why the first rule for getting the best family cruise vacation deal is patience.

Activities for parents during the trip

You can enjoy all the activities planned for your kids. However, if you want to indulge in activities designed for adults, you’ll find them plentiful on cruise ships.

Before you book the all-inclusive package deal, check with the cruise company if they have the following on board – full spa, casino, yoga room with yoga instructor, fitness center, ballroom, friendly bars, no less than 3- 4 restaurants serving different cuisines and anything else you may need. These are the things on a cruise that make it exciting for adults.

Family rooms during the trip

While searching for a family cruise vacation package, it is essential to know or be aware of how you are going to be hosted. Good cruises have suites that can accommodate a family of four to 20. Large, small, and medium – all types of families can be suitably adjusted.

Bring this up when you discuss and negotiate your package discussions. For example, you can request interconnecting rooms, extra beds, or cots for small children.

Best cruise ships for family vacations

Based on all the above information, we have shortlisted the best family cruises for long or short vacations.

1. Royal Oasis of the Seas in the Caribbean













This is perhaps the largest cruise ship in the world. It also boasts of winning the Best Onboard Kids Cruise Program award. No wonder many consider it the best family cruise ship.

The cruise consists of seven different sections for entirely different types of entertainment. In addition, this cruise ship has the first ocean amphitheater called AquaTheatre.

This coaster is so big that there is a Central Park where you can go for a walk. Then, when you are bored, indulge in a bit of shopping.

If you love Broadway shows, don’t miss out on CATS while on Oasis of the Seas.

2. Royal Caribbean Attraction

Allure of the Seas Cruise
Solaris /













This is one of the best family cruises. No wonder it has won the Best Cruise Ship award several times recently.

If you love to entertain, eat and drink, this is your family trip. So go ahead and start looking for deals.

They have the world’s first Starbucks by the sea, Sabor, a beautiful Mexican restaurant, Samba Grill Brazil Steakhouse, and many more great restaurants.

Your kids will love interacting with characters like Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and more on this famous family cruise ship.

3. Star Princess and Golden Princess

Best Family Cruise - Star Princess

These two trips can make for an unforgettable vacation for the whole family because of the entertainment options they offer Princess Theatre, Vista Show Lounge, Outdoors Theatre, Grand Casino, Skywalkers Night Club, etc.

All amenities are deluxe and five-star rated, and the best is Calypso’s Reef and Neptune’s Reef Pool with hot tubs.

When it comes to Star Princess and Golden Princess cruises, it is essential to mention the two programs they run for children:

1. Junior Ranger Program (together with the National Park Service)
2. Science at Sea program (together with the California Science Center)

If there’s a kid scientist in the family, look no further than these two outings.

4. Disney Fantasy













Disney Cruise Lines owns and operates Disney Fantasy, one of the best ships for family cruises.

She entered service in 2012 and is a modern cruise ship that sails the Caribbean seas.

If you have kids, it’s important not to miss Disney Fantasy for the fun of the AquaDuct – the first water slide on a cruise ship.

For the adults in the family, the best entertainment on board the Disney Fantasy is the Europa nightclub. Besides Europa, there are other adult hangout joints on the cruise ship – The Tube, La Piazza, O’Gills Pub, and Ooh La La.

This cruise ship also offers high-tech shows and is the best in the industry.

5. Disney Dream

Best Family Cruise - Disney Dream














Disney Dream is like Disney Fantasy and is known as its sister ship. If you want to enjoy a short-term (seven days) vacation in the eastern or western Caribbean with your family, then this cruise is the one for you.

This cruise ship can accommodate 4,000 passengers and has a crew of more than 1,500 to cater to their needs. No wonder everyone in the Disney Dream feels pampered.

For entertainment, there is live music, cinemas, 3D digital movie screenings, fun-filled family parties, and so on.

As for the pools, there are three pools – one for children, one for whole families, and one for adults only.

6. Crystal Serenity










If you have babies, toddlers, teens, 40+, and 60+ in your family and want to record some good memories on a family cruise, Crystal Serenity is your best bet. In fact, during summer vacations, the Luxury line Crystal Cruises’ marketing campaign positions the company as a family vacation provider.

This ship also has the highest space-to-guest ratio, so your personal space at sea will remain intact.

If you can bargain for an excellent all-inclusive deal for your cruise, your kids under 18 may travel for free.

Wimbledon, Neptune’s pool, Crystal Salon, Crystal Spa, and Sunset Bar are there. For children, there is Fantasia, and for teens, there is Waves Center.

7. Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 Cruise
Frank Gartner /















We highly recommend this cruise ship for your family vacation if you have young children, as they offer genuine British nannies.

The older children in the family get access to modern games such as Xbox or play stations, or they can visit the famous planetarium (the first on the sea).

Fancy balls are conducted at night, which helps families get together. True to its name, rich tea is also served as all children are expected to dress up. These cruises are often across the Atlantic Ocean.

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