Chicken Quesadillas – Cooking Love

Chicken Quesadillas – Cooking Love

chicken quesadillas 3

chicken quesadilla

Hello everyone,

At home we like everything that is based on tortillas, moreover every week, if I don’t make wraps, I make tortilla gratins, sometimes quick pizzas, or mini starters like these burritos .

So I always have to have tortillas at home, and to be honest, I don’t like store-bought ones, especially here in England, everything has to contain sugar which I don’t see the great need for in a recipe like tortillas for example, and since my husband doesn’t really like sweet and savory recipes, he prefers that I make the tortillas at home, to avoid that extra taste of sugar…Yes, one more chore for me, but I’m getting organized to make once a month, I make a nice quantity that I keep in the freezer and voila…

For today, and when I say today I mean Monday, which is a super busy day for me, between laundry and cleaning, cooking is the least of my worries. But here is my epoxy calls me to tell me I bought chicken breast, can you do something for us with it? I chose to make quesadillas, but to be faster, you need a good battery of frying pans, not a pas de deux, sometimes 3… I talk when you don’t have time when there are only 20 minutes to eat, you have to do it, you have to take out all your dishes, hihihihih.

I would have liked my husband to give me a nice set of de Buyer iron frying pans, but here I have all the frying pans in the world, but none looks like the other, besides you will see all the colors of stoves that I have earlier in the preparation photos. Why I needed all these pans, because I had to cook the chicken pieces on one side, sweat the onion in another, then remove to cook the peppers, and I had to have a bigger one to cook my quesadillas , because I had the intelligence to prepare my tortillas in my Krampouz Electric crepe maker, so they were much larger than my pans.

Anyway, after running around, my quesadillas were ready in 25 minutes flat, but of course I won’t tell you about the state of the kitchen afterwards. I didn’t want to think about it, my chicken quesadillas were too good, and it was really quick.

chicken quesadilla

Kitchen Love

Preparation time 10 min

Cooking time 15 min

Total time 25 min

chicken quesadillas 2

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