Cruise: why do we choose Marseille?

Thinking of taking a cruise in the Mediterranean? As France’s first cruise port, Marseille has plenty of advantages to justify its choice of embarkation, disembarkation, or transit. At the same time, Marseille is a cultural and recreational destination of an authentic nature, allowing its visitors to explore it according to their desires and preferences. Between limited crossing hours or a pre-or post-cruise stop, here are (at least) eight good reasons to choose Marseille when setting off on a cruise…

Benefit from a very modern cruise terminal

marseille cruise terminal - dr

The port of Marseille is equipped with the most modern cruise terminal near the city, named Marseille Provence Cruise Terminal (MPCT). It receives no less than six large cruise ship terminals, with 200 to 6,000 square meters dedicated to luggage storage, boarding halls, and check-in areas. Outside, ample parking spaces allow for easy access by car. In addition, the Marseille cruise terminal is connected to the Marseille Provence and the TGV train station and is directly related to the motorway network, which facilitates ascending and descending.

On the heights of Notre Dame de la Garde


From here, the whole of Marseille unfolds. “La Bonne Mer,” representing the city’s symbol, watches over the sailors and all the inhabitants of Marseille. Notre Dame de la Garde offers a unique view of the old port, the district of Bagnier, the Frioul Islands north of the city, the beach districts, and the hills that encircle Marseille.

Visit the season


It was the main architectural project for “Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013,” and it worked! The museum wonderfully combines the restoration of the ancient castle of Saint-Jean, which overlooks the entrance to the city, and the ultra-modern building designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti. The season brings together the civilizations of the different shores of the Mediterranean. When architecture and art collide across the Mediterranean: it is a visit not to be missed!


Explore the Le Pannier neighborhood

Marseille Street

Here, in the Pannier district in central Marseille, the city’s history begins, and we find the true spirit of Marseille. Le Pannier district is located on a hill in the center of Marseille and looks like a Provence village, authentic and lively. Colorful facades, streets full of flowers, and walls decorated with the work of street artists. A good experience worth exploring starting from La Vieille Charité.

Seaside tour


Few cities have the distinction of being actual seaside resorts. Marseille has this privilege! It has many beaches, the largest of which is Prado Beach. Before or after your trip, take a dip in its more than 3 kilometers of golden sand beaches close to the city center. Marseilles loves to gather on the beaches whenever the weather allows…and in Marseille, as often as possible!

Sailing to the Frioul Islands


Our destination is the Old Port (not to be missed, of course) to flow to the Frioul Islands. After a flight of about thirty minutes, a limestone archipelago of 4 islands unfolds Bommig, Ratonno, Ife, and Tibulen. On the program: wild landscapes, sandy beaches, and coves. Fans of the adventures of the Count of Monte Cristo will not miss visiting Dave’s Palace.

Diving in the bays


Attention postcard sight on the horizon! Vaud, Sormieu, Port Pin, Port Mieu and Morgiou
… All these bays invite a new scene with their cliffs, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and exceptional sea depths. Access to it is regulated, and you have to expect sometimes to walk about an hour to reach it, and what a treat!

Excursion to the city of Arles


It only takes an hour from Marseille to reach Arles, so why deny yourself a flight if you have time? Let’s go on an exploration of the fantastic historical and cultural heritage of this region of Provence, between the Roman amphitheater registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Basilica of Saint Trophim, the magnificent masterpiece of the Roman Provencal character. Van Gogh was not wrong, seduced by the city’s light. He settled there in 1888 and found inspiration for his most famous paintings. And between two visits, there are plenty of gourmet addresses, such as La Chassignette by Chef Armon Arnal.

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