Detox water scented with fennel shoots

Detox water scented with fennel shoots

Detox water scented with fennel shoots

Hello everyone,

It’s hot, super hot and you need to hydrate, and so here is a detox water flavored with fennel sprouts that is so good that you can drink without moderation, so delicious that it is. This water flavored with fennel shoots that I picked fresh from my little soup is so good that my husband thought I had added sugar to it, and yet no.

In any case, this detox water is always present in my fridge in summer, not to help me lose weight, but rather to hydrate myself as much as possible, especially in summer. My 3 homemade scented waters that I like the most are the rose water and strawberries scented water, today’s one, and the mint and lime (lime) scented water.

As I told you, it is not this water that will make you lose weight (it can help because drinking water is one of the most important points during a diet, or even a physical activity for losing weight). A balanced diet is always important, among the things to avoid in summer is frying… Yes yes, I know, we have this tendency to do a lot of frying in summer to avoid standing for hours in front of the stove (it’s not easy, is it?!) Personally to reduce frying at home, I chose to equip myself with an electric fryer without oil.

I know there are several oilless electric fryers on the market now, and it’s not easy to find the ideal one, I remember seeing an article on the site Cloudy which makes a good comparison of the best electric fryers without oil, test and opinion, to help you make your choice.

Personally, the first oil-free fryer I bought years ago was broken (the lid) and it was impossible to find a replacement, so I rushed to buy another, different style and different cooking system, by the way I will share the recipes I made with it after my return from vacation. it disappoints me to go to Algeria, without being able to take my fryer with me, but in any case, I will try to adapt my recipes to make them in the oven, and avoid too much frying this summer.

Otherwise if you have an electric fryer without oil, which one is it? and are you satisfied with the result and your machine? and also, for you, what are the recipes that you make the most in this heat?

I got a little lost to tell you about today’s recipe for detox scented water, but I wanted to talk about the subject of food balance, because people confuse between detox, hydration and weight loss. Although a liver detox can of course help a lot to lose weight, but still it takes a lot of things in parallel with a detox drink to achieve the desired results, right?

Detox water scented with fennel shoots

Kitchen Love

  • 2 liters of mineral water
  • fennel shoots sprig of fresh fennel
  • the juice of half a lemon you can make the juice of a lemon if you want a fairly acidic water
  • pieces of organic lemon with the skin.
  • wash the lemon and fennel sprouts well

  • place them in a pitcher or carafe

  • add the two liters of water, and place in the fridge.

  • leave at least 3 hours before enjoying this very refreshing and tasty water

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