Entertainment activities for children: the 12 best recreational activities for your child to keep him away from boredom

Entertainment activities for children: the 12 best recreational activities for your child to keep him away from boredom

Children's entertainment activities

Finding something to entertain your child away from television and electronic games is complex and nerve-wracking, especially since their taste is different from what we used to be, so you have to resort to recreational activities for children to be entertained for them.

This is to keep them away from electronic games that affect them negatively.

Therefore, on our articles site, we tried to collect some activities to suit the tastes of a large segment of children and for diversity so that the child does not get bored and insists on practicing his electronic addiction.

What are the best recreational activities for children that keep them from boredom?

1- They enter the kitchen

Entering the kitchen with the mother is one of the most extraordinary things for children from the age of two and one of the best entertainment activities for young children.

You can cook with your child some simple recipes, the ingredients they can mix.

And to facilitate the mother, try to make recipes that do not need to light a fire.

And to increase their enthusiasm for the matter, it is possible to make it a competition between them by motivating them to make the best sandwich to eat with tea.

Learn to cook for kids

2- Learn to sew

The tendency to learn sewing and embroidery is widespread among those who love to practice new skills, mainly as it develops the love of creativity and innovation.

It is also one of the things that children love because it challenges the capabilities of their tiny hands, and who loves a challenge more than children?!

This activity is suitable for children from seven years old.

And so that they do not hurt themselves, I bring them the plastic needles that are suitable for them, and I draw them a simple drawing so that they can sew its edges and feel accomplished and learn patience.

3- Playing cards is one of the best entertainment activities for children

Origami is one of the ancient Japanese arts characterized by sophistication and increases the child’s imaginative ability.

You can fold the paper in many ways with your child to make a boat, a heart, a butterfly, or a frog.

You will dazzle your children and draw their attention to occupy them with something useful.

Try to learn that first, and then teach it to your child because the child learns from his mother better than from the videos if her speed is inappropriate for his age.

This activity is suitable for ages five years and over, and at first, start simply and attractively.

Playing cards is one of the best pastimes for children

4- Entertainment activities for children: writing a story

Children’s imagination is very fertile, and they can tell you many accounts quickly.

Take advantage of this and tell them to let’s write a story; if the children can’t write well, write it for them and let them draw pictures.

They can write the story in many different ways; for example, they can write a story they knew from you, like Snow White, but change its endings or details.

They can write about people they love or their favorite animal.

It is also possible for the brothers to take turns writing and completing the story together, learning from each other’s ideas.

You can also give them the beginning and tell them to complete it for me, and then read it aloud to the child so that he feels his outstanding achievement.

This child is suitable for children from the age of six, but before that, he can compose a story through drawing.

5- Entertainment activities for children: holding a dance party

Bring some drinks and snacks, play the songs your kids love, and start dancing with funny, spontaneous moves.

This activity dramatically releases the children’s energy and your energy and makes them feel happy with you. It is very suitable before going to sleep so that they can remove all the negative points for the day.

And if your children love acting more, throw them an acting party and make it funny and full of strange ideas.

6- One of the best entertainment activities for children is the Little Inspector game

Prepare a list of strange and funny things for the children, and tell them that their task is to find these things in a specific time, to be one faster than the other, or to bring the most significant number from the list.

You can also reverse the task and look for the things your children assign to you.

This way, children feel meaningful and happy to take on the role of adults.

Some suggestions for this list are for example:

Red paper, a small stick, the shortest pen in the house, and sticky tape.

You can also practice this activity in the garden, and the options will be more fun for children:

Yellow leaf, bird feathers, small stone.


7- Learn to farm

One of the children’s favorite things is touching plants and playing in the soil.

So it will be fun to learn to grow some simple plants they can watch unfold in front of them every day, like mint.

It is also possible for them to plant some grains, such as beans or fenugreek, in a small cup with some cotton and water if they are young so that they can control what they have made and be able to take care of it.

Learn farming for kids

8- Exercising

Playing sports is fun and beneficial for children, and it is more fun when their parents do it with them because they feel their interest and appreciation for their health.

Also, children love to imitate their parents in everything, so they should replicate them in helpful something to practice when they grow up.

Children should learn a sporting activity such as swimming, tennis, football, or others in the gym.

But if the weather does not allow you to go out or your time does not help you, you can practice some simple exercises at home, do them in front of the children and imitate you, or play a video for them and apply what they see.

And to make exercise more exciting and to make them feel accomplished, set the timer to a specific time.

Half an hour, for example. And when the time is up, they will feel the pride and value of their achievement.

9-Reading books

Reading is essential for children from the age of six months. However, even at this young age, it helps you to talk to your child through the story.

It is an important recreational activity for children, as it increases their linguistic ability, and there is a way for them to talk to them without feeling bored.

In children older than the age of two, the stories represent for children worlds rich in adventures that they love.

By nature, he is a tiny adventurer who defies everything you stop him from until he reaches what he wants to know.

Therefore, stories with fertile imagination represent to him a world in which nothing is forbidden, and he can touch the sky and speak to birds and plants.

For children who can read, you can enter them into a challenge with a certain number of stories, after which they will get a small prize of their choice.

Reading books is one of the best pastimes for children

10- Playing with water

Most children love to play in the water, not only with their hands but with their whole bodies.

It is possible to play with water in several ways: Bathing with some games is the easiest, and he can play them for a relatively long period.

Another way is to fill the basin with water and put some small pieces of toys in it, and the child tries to catch them with a small net.

This net can be made with a small piece of cloth.

You can also fill some balloons with water for them to throw on the ground and try to pop them before each other.

It is possible to practice this activity in the garden or an empty place so that the furniture is not affected by water.

It is possible to play with them with a water sprinkler so that the laughter from your child when you are sprayed with water helps them feel happy and close to you.

Playing with water for children

11- Making a map of places is one of the best entertainment activities for children

Your child can learn a lot from you through having fun and playing, and one of the most critical activities he can do is drawing maps.

Bring a sheet of paper and tell your child I will draw this room. Draw its chairs in their places, the walls, the tables, and the rest of the furniture.

Have your child watch you and compare it with reality.

Then tell him that you, too, can make a map of your room, kitchen, or garden.

After that, he can watch and imitate maps of countries and continents.

After learning about maps, one of the most enjoyable practices for children is to draw their cities from their imagination.

12- Drawing

In the end, when you want to take a break from all these activities, give your child a piece of paper and a pen and tell him to draw.

It will take off and will not need any further instructions.

The child is an artist by nature and can imitate nature. Yes, art is a talent that distinguishes some children from others.

But all children love drawing, even if their pictures are not impressive; after all, it is their first language in which they express their feelings and interests.

And you can develop your child’s talent by making him draw a specific thing every day, and you will see the difference every day from the one before it.

Or make him watch a video to teach drawing to children so that his lines improve and he gains experience from others, and you can also practice drawing with him to imitate you.

Especially at a young age, as it is nice to hear your child’s first word, it is beautiful to see his first sun drawn.

Drawing is one of the best fun activities for kids

This was a simple set of activities that both father and mother could do with their children.

You can also take inspiration from what is on the list or from your imagination to have a fun and good time with your child.

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