Grapefruit and ginger detox water

Grapefruit and ginger detox water
Grapefruit and ginger detox water
Grapefruit and ginger detox water

Grapefruit and ginger detox water

Hello everyone,

So up for a grapefruit and ginger detox water? To be honest, I didn’t expect to come back so early for the refreshing drinks, but I can’t tell you about the heat of these two days, yesterday I left all the windows open and it was stuffy!

This refreshing and delicious water with grapefruit and ginger comes to me from my friend Jacre from the blog Jacre’s recipesthe recipe had caught my eye especially since I had seen it on his blog in the middle of Ramadan, and I had only one desire, to have a nice cup with lots of ice cubes to refresh myself, but I remember that my husband hadn’t found any grapefruit at our market that day… grrrr!

But my husband kept the idea of ​​buying grapefruits if he found any, and the last time, he had bought a very large piece of them, but I remember that my head was elsewhere at that time, especially that my mother was sick (covid 19), and just after my grandmother died of the same illness, and me all far away, I couldn’t do anything, and above all, I didn’t even want to cook.

Now, my mother is recovering well, and we are trying to get back to normal life, especially since the children are starting to go back to school, well for the moment it is not yet the full start of the school year, the schools resume by class to organize well.

And the grapefruit is still there!

This morning decision made, I make the recipe, and I’m going to enjoy it, already 2 glasses already gone just by taking the pictures! A treat, a refreshing water, super tasty, thirst-quenching and above all that it is a detox water!

fresh ginger is rich in antioxidants, it stimulates the immune system, helps fight against fever, flu and allergies, relieves pain and many more benefits.

Grapefruit has a strong antioxidant power, it is low glycemic load, it has anti-cancer properties, it is very low in calories and it is a good source of soft fibres.

Except that I read once that the risks of grapefruit are major, with many drugs. The adverse effects of these drugs can be multiplied by 20 by a simple glass of grapefruit juice, with potentially fatal consequences, because Grapefruit blocks the metabolism of certain drugs.

So, I advise you to discuss this subject with your doctor or nutritionist, if you take medication, you can still read This article.

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Grapefruit and ginger detox water

Grapefruit and ginger detox water

Grapefruit and ginger detox water

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  • 1 I water
  • 2 cm fresh ginger
  • the juice of one grapefruit
  • 1 vs. teaspoon agave syrup
  • Boil the water.

  • Grate the ginger and cut a few thin slices then add to the water and let cool.

  • Transfer to a carafe. Pour the grapefruit juice,

  • Place the carafe in the fridge for about 30 minutes before consuming

Grapefruit and ginger detox water

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