Green juice with apple celery and cucumber

Green juice with apple celery and cucumber
Green juice with apple celery and cucumber
green juice

Green juice with apple celery and cucumber

Hello everyone,

I was arranging the attic a bit, that I came across this closed box since we moved into this house, hihihihi writing this sentence, I had a flash of the film: The lake house “between two shores” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullok, hehehe. But no it’s not the same story, lol.

This box my husband had put by mistake in the attic, it was confused with the boxes of books. And opening it I was surprised to see that there was my centrifuge inside, and I who had thought that it had been lost during the move. Immediately I took it out of the box, to see if it still works.

We made the children and I a delicious juice of apples, oranges and persimmons, a liter of this freshly extracted juice disappeared in not even a few minutes. I had forgotten how delicious and fresh a homemade juice is.

I was especially happy to see that the juicer was still in good condition and was still making delicious juice.

I made a place for my juicer which is like quite big in front of the Thermomix, until I found a place that suits me the most.

This morning I made myself a moisturizing green juice, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and above all too good. Celery is very good for health, its juice, it is called the royal juice, so much so that it is nutritionally rich and very very good for health.

Cucumber with its moisturizing effect and rich in vitamin K brings this tasty side to the juice, personally I don’t eat cucumber a lot, which is a shame, but when I have some at home, it always goes into juice or smoothie. In this juice I use the cucumber with the skin, which gives this beautiful green color.

The apple brings the acid and sweet side in this juice recipe, I used very sweet gala apples, the green apple which is on the photo is just for decoration lol. This is the variety that my husband likes the most, and I was happy that there was a piece left for the photo, hihihih.

Lemon juice I like to add it to consumption for more freshness and flavor, I don’t like to put the lemon in the juicer I find that it gives a very strong taste, which I don’t really appreciate in this juice.

Green juice with apple celery and cucumber

Green juice with apple celery and cucumber

Green juice with apple celery and cucumber

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  • place the well-washed ingredients in the juicer except for the lemon

  • and There you go! When ready to serve, add a drizzle of lemon juice, according to your taste of course.

Green juice with apple celery and cucumber

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