Information about the cruise ship that only its captain knows

The “Travel” website presented information that most travelers are ignorant of about cruise ships, the suffering and privileges of crew members, some parts and equipment of the cruise ship, remote communication systems, and the working atmosphere on board.

1- Anchor the ship miles away from the best tourist destinations is intended

The reason for this is that the captain of the ship often avoids docking in a place very close to the most popular tourist areas because the exploitation of these ports is very expensive for marine tourism companies, which are keen on austerity and reducing fuel consumption.

2- The crew of the ship gets food and drinks at lower prices

The cruise ship crew benefits from various privileges during the trip, including differential prices for food and beverages. On board all ships, there are secret places that no one knows except the captain and crew.

3- Falling off the deck is a real danger

(Getty Images) Accidents falling from ships are still common and are more frequent than we can imagine
(Getty Images) Accidents falling from ships are still common and are more frequent than we can imagine

The site indicated that falling from the ship is a terrifying prospect for everyone. This possibility may become an absolute nightmare in which several passengers may fall victim. And the accidents of falling from ships remain, and they are more frequent than we can imagine.

4- No cruise company can protect you all the time

Being on a luxury ship does not necessarily mean that the ship’s crew will take care of your protection at all times, and some of these cruise ships have a morgue in the lower part of them near the cells.

5- Watch your luggage

The site warned that passengers’ bags, even on luxury and expensive ships, could get lost on long trips, and they could also fall into the water while being loaded. No cruise company can guarantee that passengers’ luggage will not be lost, and most are unwilling to pay compensation for such loss.

6- The ship’s crew sleeps in standard rooms

The site stated that employees and workers on cruises sleep in uncomfortable conditions, as they are forced to share their rooms with strangers, while only the lucky ones and high-ranking people get single rooms.

7- Delay may be beneficial to the captain

This is because the flight captain gets extra points for saving fuel. And when he obtains these points, the captain receives generous rewards at the end of the trip.

8-The ship’s crew is watching you all the time, don’t try to act smart

Surveillance cameras are installed everywhere inside the boat, while the staff is deployed to monitor the situation at all times. Thus, you cannot evade responsibility and deny your action when you commit an offense, such as smoking a cigarette in the corridor. 

9- Crew members are infrequently subjected to drug tests

Sometimes, the crew will undergo random health tests to see if a drug or intoxicant has influenced some crew members. However, this does not apply to all employees and does not apply all the time.

10- The drain channels in the toilets are not sturdy

The site warned that throwing some belongings and solid materials into the bathroom toilet and trying to pour water behind them to push them may sometimes lead to pipe breaks since they are usually fragile and unstable on ships.

11- Pirates do exist

Pirates also pose a real problem. There is a possibility that the ship will be attacked by pirates, just as it happened in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” There have been many previous incidents of this kind, knowing that cruise ships have trained personnel to intervene in such cases.

12- Follow the crew’s directions when you disembark at the port

The cruise ship crew benefits from a variety of privileges during the voyage, including differential prices for food and drink (Getty Images)
The cruise ship crew benefits from a variety of privileges during the voyage, including differential prices for food and drink (Getty Images)

It is necessary to be careful when the ship is in port, follow the ship’s crew’s advice, and inquire about the best places to buy some inexpensive and good collectibles. The crew members have visited that place several times and know the appropriate destinations for each tourist.

13- The cruise ship is not environmentally friendly

It is known that traveling by ship is less expensive, but this method causes damage to the environment. A medium-sized vessel, for example, leaks high levels of pollutants, 100 times more than a car. 

14- Prepare for the possibility of contracting a disease on the ship

Cruise ships are often full of bacteria and viruses, which can lead to intestinal upset. These diseases are transmitted very quickly between passengers, given that the place is small and crowded with individuals. Accordingly, care must be taken to wash hands frequently and to stay away from people who show signs of illness.

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