Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio – Amour de cuisine

Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio – Amour de cuisine
mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio
Pineapple Carpaccio

Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio

Hello everyone,

This plate of mojito-flavoured pineapple carpaccio (without alcohol here) reminds me of wonderful memories of our first trip to Sharm el Chikh in Egypt, what do I miss the sun of this place! I came back several times to Egypt, but to Hurghada. Although only the Red Sea separates these two places. Sharm el chikh remains for me the best place to go for a holiday under the sun.

Maybe not for you, but I really like when it’s a country that speaks a language that I speak, I also like to eat without worrying about the origin of the food. You see when you’re Muslim, you tend to ask a lot of questions about the ingredients of a dish when you go on a trip, than asking about the most beautiful places to visit, hihihi.

In Sharm el chikh, this concern for halal food or not did not exist, so we had plenty of time to move on, the climate there is wonderful, I’m not talking about sunshine only, but rather a total absence humidity, which is really nice, even if it was very hot, but we didn’t have this feeling that everything stuck to our skin, I experienced that in Malaysia, despite all these magnificent places we had visited, but I could not forget those unpleasant moments, when we only wanted to put ourselves in front of a fan to forget this humidity.

One thing I liked the most in Sharm el chikh was the diving, we didn’t need to take the boat to dive and see all these magnificent fish of all colors, it was right by the sea of ​​the he hotel itself, certainly the water was too salty there, but it was a breathtaking swim of happiness and not of fatigue.

And I remember that every time I came back from my little dive with the children, we passed in front of the bar to have a nice plate of carpaccio of pineapple, melon or otherwise mangoes, to know what they were going to serve. And the pineapple carpaccio they served was just wonderful, even though the recipe I’m sharing with you today looks a lot like it, but the carpaccio they served had another flavor, maybe because they they used very fresh pineapples, not like what I buy here, it’s Puerto Rican pineapples of course, but they arrived in fridges!

pineapple carpaccio recipe
Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio

I remember that we came back under the umbrella me and my children and I do not know how this large plate disappeared quickly, however my children were not big greedy, but it was extremely delicious.

I called my plate today pineapple carpaccio mojito flavor, because I start by crushing the sugar, the mint and a little lemon, like you do with a mojito, I don’t put rum in this preparation , but you can easily add it in the seasoning for the dressing of your plate.

you can garnish your plate with pomegranates it’s even more pleasant whether it’s taste and flavor, or whether it’s visual, but since I didn’t have any pomegranates, I put dried cranberries (cranberries)

If you like pineapple desserts what not to see:

Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio

Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio

cooking love

Preparation time 10 min

Total time 10 min

type of dish desserts

Kitchen easy cooking

  • 1 pineapple ripe
  • 1 bunch of mint fresh
  • 3 vs. tablespoons fine sugar
  • 2 slices of lemon without skin
  • some cranberries dried cranberries
  • In a mortar, mix the fine sugar and a good handful of mint leaves. Crush with the pestle until the sugar turns green.

  • add the lemon slices and mash again. Book.

  • Peel the pineapple. Cut off the cap and base first, then peel the sides.

  • remove the eyes, you can also remove the heart, I leave it to easily handle the slices.

  • Then cut thin slices, I use a mandolin which gives me the choice of the thickness of the slices

  • place the pineapple slices on a pretty serving platter.

  • drizzle with the mint and lemon syrup you have reserved.

  • Decorate with a few mint leaves, or chopped mint.

  • add cranberries, or pomegranates.

  • Leave to macerate in the fridge for several hours.

  • and enjoy chilled.

Mojito flavored pineapple carpaccio
Pineapple Carpaccio

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