porridge bowl with pears – Love of cooking

porridge bowl with pears – Love of cooking
porridge bowl with pears
porridge bowl

porridge bowl with pears

oatmeal porridge

Hello everyone,

For me there is nothing more delicious than a porridge bowl for breakfast. I don’t know where we learned this bad habit of having coffee or café au lait, or why we were planted in our heads this idea that cow’s milk is good for health. if you need vitamin D, you can get it everywhere.

For some time, I try to avoid taking a lot of milk from animal sources, I try to reduce its consumption or its use in my recipes and my cooking. But I have capricious people in my little family, starting with my husband, who can’t stand milk from vegetable sources.

My husband is black or white, it’s hard for me to change a recipe with him, or to offer him a new recipe. I don’t force anyone, I try to make my recipes homemade, I try as much as possible to avoid prepared commercial products. There is enough evil around us, that we must at least have healthy dishes.

I come back to my recipe, the porridge bowl with pears and almond milk, the Porridge is present almost every day at breakfast at home, there is just my husband who has a coffee with milk. But otherwise for me and my children, if it’s not granola, or a good smoothie, we enjoy a good oatmeal porridge.

It’s not automatically going to be with pears, I let my desire play or even what I have in my fruit basket. My children really like the raisins in it, which cook with the porridge, and a presentation with sliced ​​bananas and a spoonful of salted butter caramel.

For my bowl of porridge, I let my desire guide me, I always like to put a spoon of chia seeds, sometimes I add peanut butter or like this time almond puree. For the crunch first of all I put cubes of pears in my porridge after cooking, I also decorated with strips of this same fruit, and I added some roasted and coarsely crushed almonds.

It’s a pleasure to start your day with a bowl like this, all greedy, all delicious, and especially when you know that everything you put in it is just good for your health, you still have to take care of it. us, and above all you have to try to get out of your routine, and boost your day with plenty of vitamins and minerals!

So are you up for this delicious recipe?

porridge bowl with pears
oatmeal porridge

porridge bowl with pears

Kitchen Love

type of dish Snack, Breakfast

Kitchen healthy cooking

  • In a saucepan, combine the almond milk, brown sugar, oatmeal and raisins,

  • bring to a boil then let thicken over low heat, stirring constantly, for 2-3 minutes

  • Cut the pear in two, 1 half cut it into small cubes and add to the porridge, the 2nd cut it into strips.

  • In a bowl, pour the porridge, arrange the pear strips

  • add chia seeds and crushed almonds.

  • drizzle the honey over the pear slices

  • add the spoonful of almond puree. Enjoy!

With this recipe porridge bowl with pears I participate in the food battle #82 where Delphine from the blog Oh the greedy is the godmother. Delphine suggested:

the pear..Sweet, salty, in juice, in compote, associate with another flavor, make me salivate with one of my favorite Autumn fruits: The pear.

the food battle is a monthly cooking challenge created by Jenna from the blog Jenna’s Bistro and administered by Valérie from the blog 1.2.3. Taste who also manages Facebook page.

porridge bowl with pears

List of participants of this new edition: (Updated as registrations are received).

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  2. Christelle from Chicken’s Kitchen
  3. Natalie from ” A kitchen for Voozenoo
  4. Carol from ” Bring back the meals
  5. Vanessa from ” Meal of small-bohnium
  6. Valerie from ” 123 taste
  7. Zika’s Bonoise cuisine of Zika
  8. Josiana from » To each his own kitchen
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  12. Jacqueline from ” Jacre’s recipes
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