Prunie the plum juice of Louis

Prunie the plum juice of Louis
plum juice
Plum by Louis Litt

Prunie the plum juice of Louis

Prunie any one? Here is the famous sentence of Louis Litt from the American series The suits who passed over living-tv, more than 8 years ago I believe. I remember every time Louis had a problem, he ran either to have a mud bath, or to get a prunie Louis’ plum juice!

I remember at the time, and it was during season 3, I was pregnant with my youngest, and I had this great urge to drink this juice. I searched, and it was not a recipe that I was going to find online at that time. I had made a small juice according to my desire and what I had at home, especially to have a very greedy juice not too sweet. And it was too good.

I had then forgotten this delicious juice that I was preparing especially after a hearty meal, as you know, prunes are good for digestion (I will tell you more about it below).

During the confinement, they rebroadcast the series once again The suits on Netflix, and I followed it for a whole month, every evening after dinner, I watched 3 or 4 successive episodes, moreover I had forgotten that Meghan Marckle had played in this series….

In any case, watching the series, the desire for a prunie came back once again, not because Louis Litt kept inviting us to have a drink with him, but especially because it reminded me of my last pregnancy. , the good times.

Louis Litt’s plum or prune juice is actually a detox juice, so do not hesitate to prepare it, especially after a hearty dinner., A little advice, do not consume this juice early in the morning to hit the road to work, the metro or the bus, (not easy to find the toilets in these places),

Prunie the plum juice of Louis

Otherwise, before moving on to the recipe for this prune juice, do you know that prunes are a slimming ally with a low glycemic index (40), which makes it an ideal snack to quench a little hunger without creating a peak? glycemia, the perfect appetite suppressant, it allows you to limit snacking and control your hunger. Rich in fiber, it has a strong satiating power.

Prunes contain a lot of minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium) and vitamins E, C and provitamin A which protect cells and trap free radicals responsible for cell degeneration, which helps fight against aging and loss of energy. skin elasticity. It helps to limit wrinkles.

Daily consumption of prunes reduces the rate of bad cholesterol (LDL) therefore the risk of cardiovascular disease. And since this fruit is a source of potassium and flavonoids, it naturally prevents the development of these pathologies.

Prunes are good for bone health, as they are rich in boron, a rare trace element, which, together with the calcium and vitamin D present in this fruit, preserves bone health and helps fight againstosteoporosis.

Prunes are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, and therefore facilitate digestion and help fight against constipation. 100 grams of prunes provide 60% of the recommended daily intake.

Prunes are rich in glucose (45% of carbohydrates in this fruit), they give energy to the brain. It is therefore recommended in case of examination. Source of fructose (25%) and sorbitol (30%), prunes also provide the body with sugar which will be assimilated gradually. It is also recommended for athletes to avoid spikes in blood sugar and drops in tone, especially since it is rich in magnesium (45mg per 100 grams) essential for energy production and muscle contraction.

Source: top health

plum juice with prunes from Louis

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  • Heat some water and soak the prunes for about 15 minutes.

  • Drain and let cool a bit.

  • In the bowl of the blender, add the prunes, the apple juice, the pears without skin and seeds, cut into pieces and the vanilla extract

  • blend until smooth, add ice if desired and enjoy.

Prunie the plum juice of Louis

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