Six fun and inexpensive activities for the family

Entertainment has become one of the aspects of family spending that may strain the family budget.

While families can find family activities and events that they can repeat and do periodically without costing them huge money or preventing them from achieving their economic goals.

For example, visiting the cinema is an enjoyable activity but costly, and the cost increases with the number of family members and visits.

It is suitable for the family to have the ability to find alternatives to create an inexpensive entertainment atmosphere.

That is why we have collected for you in this article specific and unusual activities or a new look at old and well-known activities in a contemporary style.

For the whole family to enjoy without entertainment being a burden on the family’s income.


First: a family marathon

Of course, picnics in gardens, prairies, and parks are the first thing that comes to mind when discussing inexpensive entertainment. Of course, they are ideal places to spend the most enjoyable times, but with a bit of planning, they will be more fun, engaging, and not dull; for example, planning group games, such as tug of war, racing, and collecting Alien stones.

Then, after returning home, set up a new activity to color stones and install them in the garden, for example.


Second: having a movie night at home

Visiting cinemas is a unique and enjoyable experience for all family members of all ages. Still, it is not an economical option, as the costs of showing one movie are high and increase with the increase of family members and the frequency of visits.

But you can have a movie night at home; you only need popcorn and a good movie.

Turn off the lights, put lots of pillows on the floor, and through the film, family members can discuss moral issues and existential questions.


Third: Shadow Theatre

And it is by darkening a room, placing a table lamp, forming different shapes for the characters of the play with fingers and hands, or even children dancing in front of the light and seeing their shadows stretch and shorten according to their proximity to the light source.

This activity gives hours of fun to the children, and to increase their enjoyment, the mother can announce it to the neighborhood’s children. The children are excited from noon when the evening comes so that they can practice this group activity.


Fourth: cooking together

The kitchen is a miniature chemistry laboratory in which everyone learns different scientific phenomena, from the young one who practices measuring and weighing skills to the old one who understands chemical phenomena such as fermentation and immiscibility.

This activity strengthens the synergy between the hands and the eyes through kneading and spreading.

Group cooking is an opportunity to teach children good health concepts when cutting fruits and making a fruit salad or practicing shaping vegetables in artistic shapes, developing their talents and encouraging them to eat healthily.


Fifth: the night of narration

It is a group night in which family members gather, and each person begins to tell a story, either from his life, his imagination, or from a story he has read.

This activity encourages children’s narration and diction skills and trains them to address audiences.


Sixth: Collective drawing

Children love drawing and coloring, but it is a usual activity that is repeated everywhere and all the time, such as at school, home, and in summer clubs.

But with some additions and changes, you can turn it into a unique and unique group experience that adults enjoy before children by wrapping one of the house walls with wrapping paper, bringing feathers and colors, and giving children the opportunity to express and draw on an entire wall.

Garbage bags can make inexpensive aprons for children to protect their clothes from color.


Whatever activities you practice, mother and father, the goal is not the activity itself or issuing judgments, competing and determining a winner, or commenting on who played well and who did not play well and show skills, as much as it is family rapprochement, strengthening family relationships and bonds, and spending the happiest of times In the company of your sons and daughters, away from electronic devices for you and them. The most important thing is laughter, a cure for family problems.


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