Strawberry carrot and ginger juice

Strawberry carrot and ginger juice
Strawberry carrot and ginger juice
strawberry juice in juicer

Strawberry carrot and ginger juice

Hello everyone,

I love homemade juices, and this Strawberry Carrot Ginger Juice is one of my favorites. I make it almost every week because I really like the pep that ginger brings to this juice.

Before finding my centrifuge at the back of the attic (I’ll tell you the story as the lines go), I prepared this same juice in the blinder, and I let it drain in cheesecloth. I prepared this juice in this way when I woke up, and I left it in the fridge to drain until the moment of tasting.

The last time, I was tidying up the attic, sorting out the clothes that no longer suited the children, when I saw this box, which we had never opened since our move, and which my husband put by mistake in the attic. I opened it, and I’m not telling you that it was my joy to see that it was my centrifuge, which I thought I had lost during the move.

I took it down, washed it and immediately plugged it in to see that my juicer still works, and yay still perfect. Since that day, I made each time a different juice like this delicious celery juice, and we enjoyed the children and me.

As for today’s juice, strawberry, carrot and ginger juice, I confess that I don’t do it the same way every time, or I would rather say with the same ingredients per gram ready.

It’s a juice that I make at random, to know if I have a lot of strawberries, or rather a little more carrots. The most important ingredient in this recipe is ginger for me, I love all that smell when I put it in the juicer, and the taste it gives is incomparable.

Sometimes I add a little lemon if I find that there is not a sour taste in the juice, it’s my personal taste, of course you can do your personal touch.

Strawberry carrot and ginger juice

Strawberry carrot and ginger juice

Strawberry carrot and ginger juice

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  • 250 gr strawberries
  • 250 gr carrots
  • 2 cm fresh ginger
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1 vs. tablespoons Honey
  • wash the ingredients well

  • cut the carrots into medium pieces

  • place the ingredients into the juicer opening

  • switch on the device

  • Collect the juice, and add the honey, you can add the ingredients according to your taste to have the desired freshness.

Strawberry carrot and ginger juice

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