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Star Clippers Cruise Company

The weather is ideal for sailing, but good weather alone will not be enough to fulfill your dream sailing experience. It would be best if you found an excellent ship or steamer that matches your perception and dreams about seafaring, and for that, we review a group of cruise companies that organize ideal cruises for the summer season. This year, whether you prefer luxury tall ships, small vessels that are chartered to go on private cruises, or luxury yachts equipped with a full-service crew to meet your needs during the voyage, here is a group of cruise companies with suggested destinations for sailing:

Star Clippers Cruises:

 For those who do not want to go on a cruise on one of the giant cruise ships but also do not want to sail on one of the medium-sized sailing ships, they may find what they are looking for at the “Star Clippers” cruise company, which offers beautiful cruises On long and luxurious cruise ships. Still, neither too large nor too small, such as the “Star Clipper” and “Star Flyer” ships are 360 ​​feet long and hold nearly 170 passengers. The trips organized on these two ships are often concentrated in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean; in the western Mediterranean, you can go to the French island of Corsica and enjoy wandering on its white sandy beaches, and you can go to Monte Carlo and St. Tropez. Still, if you choose cruises that head towards the east, you can see Picturesque’s natural areas on the island of Malta.

Island Windjammers Cruises:

The “Island Windjammers” cruise company offers ships that are relatively smaller than the ships of the “Star Clippers” company but are larger and more spacious than the sailing ships. The “Island Windjammers” company has a large base of customers who prefer to go sailing during their annual holidays. The company offers two distinctive ships; The Diamant is a long ship that allows you to experience sailing on a private cruise on a yacht without incurring a high material cost. This ship is sailing from Grenada in the Caribbean. The other boat is the Sagitta, which is a motor-powered sailing ship. It is 120 feet long, and it flows from two regions in the Caribbean Sea. It stops during its trip in distinctive tourist and beach destinations, including the French Antilles, the state of Dominica, and the island of “Iles de Saintes.”

AdventureSmith Cruises:

“AdventureSmith” cruise company is one of the best cruise companies specializing in small sea ship trips, whether organized trips on board small ships or trips that are contracted and choose their destinations. The company is represented by over 100 cruise ships, and the magazine “Condé Nast Traveler” has chosen Famous tourist Todd Smith, the Founder of the Company. As a seasoned expert in organizing small-boat cruises, the cruises organized by the Smith Company are famous for sailing to charming and remote tourist destinations such as the remote sandy beaches of the Indonesian islands. They often also go to Popular tourist spots but always choose uncrowded spots.

Company “Y.CO” – Yacht Company:

Company “Y.CO” is one of the world-renowned companies specializing in yachts, and it sells and rents yachts all over the world, and the company’s boats frequently participate in regattas and the famous luxury yachts in Europe; the company also organizes cruises on board its yachts as part From the company’s mission, which aims to spread the “culture of life on board yachting,” the company’s yachts often sail to beautiful and secluded areas that other cruise companies do not usually go to, such as Borneo Island in the Malay Archipelago.

“GetMyBoat” company for renting yachts, ships, and marine equipment:

The company “GetMyBoat” for renting yachts, ships, and marine equipment is an ideal and safe option for sailing enthusiasts and those who wish to rent a ship or boat to go on a cruise. You can view the ships and yachts offered through the company’s website after registering on the site (registration is free); it is worth noting That all the ships delivered have been examined and ensured of their safety before being displayed on the site, the owners of boats and yachts can also show their ships for rent on the site after ensuring their safety, a company that also provides insurance to its customers through the insurance company “insurance.”

Suppose you have a good knowledge of the sailing world, or you are experienced in the world of sailing and do not want a sailing crew or want a band that includes a minimum number of people, or you want a lot of flexibility to plan your cruise as you dream of it. In that case, is the site for you. An ideal place to start planning your next cruise without being restricted to a specific business or period, where you can, if you want, go on a year-long cruise to famous tourist destinations such as the Balearic Islands in Spain.

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