Toddy without alcohol (hot drink)

Toddy without alcohol (hot drink)
Toddy without alcohol hot drink with apple ginger cinnamon and lemon
Toddy without alcohol hot drink

Toddy without alcohol hot drink

Hello everyone,

And here is the hot drink that accompanies me almost all autumn and winter, sometimes even in spring, spring in England is not much more beautiful. The grog without alcohol this soothing and warming non-alcoholic drink that helps fight against colds, colds and all the unpleasant fatigue of a cold snap.

The original grog recipe is based on rum, milk or water. Grog, like mulled wine, was the remedy of grandmothers to quickly fight colds and fight infections.

Today we are going to see the version of this non-alcoholic drink to destroy the rum and boost our day without having our head in the clouds in the morning.

I did not know the grog before, at our house my mother as soon as she saw that the cold was there and that one of us was not well, she immediately prepared a very hot herbal tea with lemon, an infusion of oregano with honey and olive oil, this infusion is the best ally to fight against lung infections, or sometimes the lemon ginger turmeric infusion, it was very effective in loosening the knotted throat and regaining the lost voice, and great for getting us out of bed.

But as I told you this grog, I discovered it later afterwards with my sister-in-law who is French, and I remember when she came to visit me and found me in a sorry state, she asked me of prepare a toddyit was the first time I heard this word, I who was used to infusions and herbal teas.

The first thing I saw when I did my little google search was rum toddy, I was a little intrigued and I told her but I don’t take alcohol, and she explained to me that my mother-in-law had a non-alcoholic version or versions which were super effective. I admit that this non-alcoholic toddy with apples, honey, cinnamon, cloves, lemon and ginger was my favorite, right away I jumped into the kitchen (whatever the word skip was not the most descriptive in this situation, I was pushing myself with all my might to move from my place) to prepare myself for it.

It was strong in taste and I had to take it while it was still hot, but immediately after, I was able to find my voice, yes when you lose your voice, you have to have a very hot drink, and above all a lot hydrate. For my part, I used to take a mixture of honey and lemon dry, without added water, it was strong, pungent, quite sour but the best medicine.

I savored especially in this grog, the fact of eating towards the end the very crunchy and well scented pieces of apple.

Before moving on to the preparation of this easy hot drink, why not see together the benefits of each ingredient that makes up this miracle drink?

The virtues of a grog (without alcohol)

Taking a very hot drink when you start to have rum or a tight throat provides a soothing and very pleasant effect:

– Cinnamon stimulates the immune system, responsible for fighting germs.

– Clove : a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Honey soothes sore throat, relieves dry cough by thinning mucus and restores tone.

– Lemon juice is an excellent disinfectant and prevents bacteria from attaching and proliferating.

ginger strengthens the immune system and helps to fight against the first symptoms related to the cold. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Toddy without alcohol hot drink with apple ginger cinnamon and lemon

Alcohol-free toddy with apple ginger cinnamon and lemon

Toddy without alcohol hot drink

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  • 500 ml water
  • 5 gr ginger
  • 3 Cloves
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Apple
  • 2 vs. tablespoons Honey
  • Heat the water until boiling.

  • peel the apple and cut it into slices and do the same with the ginger.

  • Squeeze the lemon and reserve the juice.

  • As soon as the water begins to boil, add the apple, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Turn off the heat and infuse for 10 minutes.

  • In your glass, put the honey and the lemon, and pour the infusion over it, cover

  • Enjoy as hot as possible.

Alcohol-free toddy with apple ginger cinnamon and lemon

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