Useful tips for the traveler to some famous countries

Planning to travel to some tourist destinations in Africa and Asia may cause you to hear many warnings that may make you afraid of traveling to some countries of the two continents. Still, through the following lines, we will make you say goodbye to your fears entirely and travel to the places that appeal to you without fear or anxiety; you have to follow Some tips when you travel to some of these destinations.. and you will get to know them, of course, through this topic!


  • Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to Turkey, which some may fear visiting

Turkey is distinguished by its cultural and civilizational diversity and the multiplicity of its tourist destinations, ranging from beautiful beaches, resorts covered with various means of luxury, and historical cities dating back thousands of years.

Visiting Turkey is one of the most enjoyable tourist trips, and it is a very safe country where tourists rarely encounter problems and hardships.

Nevertheless, we will show you, through these lines, some tips so that your trip to it is beautiful and without obstacles.

  • In some old cities known for their poor standard of living, the base of the bathroom of the old type that is not currently used worldwide may be a “hole in the bottom of the comfort room.” Therefore, you must prepare in advance by bringing with you the “shatter” travel cleaning tool used in the restroom. Rest and prepare some paper towels to dry your hands after washing them.
  • In those ancient border towns, too, it is preferable to adhere to the traditions of its people, which do not favor staying up late and making noise and noise at late times. As for the rest of the famous cities, such as Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara, it is rare to encounter problems of this kind.

Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to several well-known countries that some may fear visiting

  • Be sure to use public transportation such as the subway and buses instead of taxi service, which is expensive, and also make sure to reserve your place of residence in a class in the middle of the most famous tourist places in each city you visit to save time, effort and transportation expenses for those places.
  • Turkish tea may not taste good because it is fermented for long hours, so ask the waiter to dilute it with hot water until it is suitable for your taste.


  • Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to India that some may fear visiting

Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to several well-known countries that some may fear visiting

Traveling to India is often full of advice and warnings as if whoever travels to it will go to the line of fire. Still, India is one of the most beautiful countries in the continent of Asia, and traveling to it brings absolute pleasure the high temperature there will not be a big problem for the Arab tourist because it is close to the average temperatures in our Arab region.

In India, you can enjoy many tourist places that reflect the diversity of its architecture, for example, the Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, the Old Fort in Delhi, and the Taj Mahal in Agra, as well as many carnivals and festivals in many other cities, Indian films conveyed many traditions India and the way of life within it, and therefore traveling to it will be an exceptional experience.

Just keep a few things in mind before you get ready to travel:

  • First, take the required vaccinations injections against some epidemic diseases. Also, ensure that you drink bottled water and do not drink directly from the tap.
  • And you should avoid walking in the crowded streets of cities in the evening with your wife so as not to be harassed by some of the unemployed.
  • Also, keep your money in a belt around your stomach when you go around the famous markets to avoid being robbed.


  • Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to Egypt, which some may fear visiting

Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to several well-known countries that some may fear visiting

There have been many warnings about traveling to Egypt over the past months due to fears about security. Still, Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world, and tourists are rarely harassed during their stay in Egypt.

In any case, here are some tips for you to stick to during your stay there

  • Do not swim in the waters of the Nile River because the current of the water is choppy, and many water hyacinth plants may cause damage to your skin. It is better to swim in the waters of the seas, as there are many resorts and coastal tourist villages on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.
  • Avoid swimming near the coral reefs in the Red Sea because they are home to jellyfish that can be poisonous. At the very least, they cause dizziness, vomiting, and inflammation of the skin’s surface. Also, abide by the precautions for swimming and diving in places with warning signs of predatory fish in the open sea.
  • Do not ride public transportation because it is very crowded due to the population density; stay away from the black taxi, as it is not air-conditioned and does not operate with a specific meter. Instead, it is better to choose white taxis that operate with meters or request taxi services through electronic applications such as “Uber” and “Careem.”
  • When you buy some of your needs or souvenirs from popular markets, you should bargain with the “price bargaining” sellers because they tend to raise prices slightly and gradually reduce them.
  • The best times to visit Egypt are during the fall and winter seasons, especially if you are going to stay in one of the cities of the Sinai Peninsula or to Luxor and Aswan in the far reaches of Upper Egypt.


  • Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to Tunisia, which some may fear visiting

Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to several well-known countries that some may fear visiting

Tunisia is one of the most beautiful countries on the continent of Africa, and it combines Arab, Islamic, and European cultures, so traveling to it is an unparalleled experience. Still, you have to keep in mind the following things when traveling to it:

  • Avoid participating in political marches or demonstrations so as not to be in danger or arrested.
  • Tunisia prohibits filming in many towers and bridges and around military installations, so you must first seek permission from the local authorities before filming to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • The beaches of Tunisia are full of poisonous jellyfish fish during August, so avoid swimming in its waters during that period. If you decide to swim at your own risk and a jellyfish stings you, you should go immediately to see a doctor.
  • Get immunized against hepatitis A and typhoid before traveling to Tunisia.


  • Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to South Africa, which some may fear visiting

Tips to avoid the dangers of traveling to several well-known countries that some may fear visiting

South Africa is distinguished for having many open natural parks and natural reserves for rare animals, and the equator passes through it. In addition, it embraces many fantastic tourist destinations, such as “Penguin Beach” and “Victoria Falls,” and many unique natural areas.

But before you travel to it, you must read these lines:

  • Walking around during the evening is not safe, as many cases of theft and crime occur in the streets of South African cities in the evening. So don’t walk alone during the evening. It is better to move inside a taxi, and if you rent a car, close it well so as not to be robbed.
  • Traffic in South Africa is left-hand, so keep this in mind if you’re driving yourself.
  • Smoking is prohibited in many public places, so make sure first that you don’t have to pay a fine.
  • If you visit open parks, you should not move freely for fear of predators.
  • Take all necessary vaccinations before traveling to South Africa, a hot country with many tropical diseases such as yellow fever and malaria!

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