What are the types of tourism activities?

All countries worldwide are interested in developing the tourism activities available to them and activating tourism of all kinds and forms. Tourism activities in any country are considered a vital source for bringing in hard currency and providing national income for it, which benefits citizens. Tourism activities are divided into:


– Recreational tourism: cinema and theatre, clubs and lounges, circuses…etc.

– Cultural and historical tourism: historical targeting sites, scientific exhibitions, and museums.

Medical Tourism: Traveling to search for specialized treatment or recreation and healing.

Political conference tourism: Conferences held on a global level and the accompanying planning protocols

– The event and the precise organization of its activities.

Business tourism: concerning limited or international business conferences and commercial activities.

– Religious tourism: which organizes visits to religious and sacred places and the shrines of the prophets, messengers, righteous people, and so on.



Types of tourism activities

When determining the trip that will carry out the tourism activity, you can think of any trip that suits you and meets your requirements. Therefore, we give you several tourism activities with clarification and definitions, as follows:


1- Medical tourism:

It is tourism for treatment, such as (physical or chemical therapy or centers with high qualifications in medicine) and others, such as health and psychological resorts. There are many of them, as the goal is treatment with self-entertainment. This activity is suitable for an individual trip or a small family trip.

2- Social tourism:

It is taking a family trip, often during the family’s official holidays, such as (holidays, summer vacations, and weekends). It is characterized by entertainment, breaking the daily routine, and renewing psychological and physical activity. Often it consists of one family or more, and sometimes it is a group of families that are not connected. This is the specialty of a company interested in group trips, so it provides them with a suitable and fantastic atmosphere, organizes programs to visit places, and provides them with a place to stay. Therefore, this activity is ideal for family or group trips.

3- Shopping tourism:

It travels to cities famous for the shopping festival, characterized by discounts and an assortment of products. It provides a competitive price environment and is not devoid of modern and new products. Therefore, it is very suitable for a family trip.

4- Recreational tourism.

It is the most attractive tourist activity for all trips, as it is characterized by various tourist activities, with its distinction in places where there are many events and various recreational activities, such as water games, public parks, summer events, children’s competitions, and other methods that help in recreation. Therefore, it is suitable for all individual, family, or group trips.

5- Cultural tourism:

It is often purely cultural, such as traveling to historical places, cultural landmarks, museums, and other things that nourish the mind with culture. However, some activities are not devoid of cultural conferences, such as book fairs, and rarely is an exploratory trip, such as learning about the customs and traditions of other peoples and regions. This activity is suitable for group trips or individual trips.

6- Religious tourism:

Muslims travel to Makkah Al-Mukarramah to pray in the qiblah of Muslims, see the House of God, and perform the rituals of Hajj and Umrah there. Some go to Madinah to pray in the Prophet’s Mosque and visit the tomb of the Messenger; peace and blessings be upon him and the Companions. This is considered purely religious tourism, and this activity is suitable for all individual, family, or group trips.

7- Desert Tourism:

This tourism is considered seasonal in the winter and spring, but the temperatures are very high in the summer. In some, there are strong winds loaded with dust: Winter season, rainfall, flower growth, and the recovery of natural reserves. A wild trip is recommended anywhere in the Arabian Peninsula. Also, there are festivals dedicated to the winter concerned with developing the perspective of seasonal tourism. Some people interested in the activity of desert tourism flock to it with the movement of entertainment simultaneously. Still, some prefer to stay away from human gatherings. And sleeping in the open air and living in it for a short period breaks the city’s routine in exchange for calm and contemplation of the beautiful atmosphere and the practice of various hobbies and activities such as (hunting – sleeping in heated tents – examining seasonal plants – watching valleys) and other such pursuits, mostly this activity is suitable for trips family and groups.

8- Beach tourism:

This activity, from its name, shows us the intended place, which is (the coast of the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the Arabian Sea). In any area of these seas, it is possible to engage in unusual and beautiful activities, especially in coastal cities, such as fishing, sailing, visiting islands, diving, discovering coral reefs, and enjoying the sun’s warmth on different beaches. This activity is suitable for family trips and groups as well.




9- Meditation tourism:

It is one of the finest types of global tourism, as it requires special conditions and places chosen by experts specialized in positive energy in men, such as meditation and thinking. – And other means that help to relax), but it is considered by some to be somewhat costly financially, but it has a positive, clear, beautiful, and valuable return. Most of the trips are individual trips.


10- Conference and exhibition tourism:

It is tourism that helps in the development of countries and cities hosting these types of tourism with the possibility of participation in it by the tourist. It is suitable for group trips and a few individual trips.


11- Sports tourism:

It is tourism to practice one of the types of sports and hobbies that interest the tourist, or even travel to watch matches and sports leagues and attend competitions and the Olympics. Therefore, it is more suitable for group trips than other trips.

12- Roaming Tourism:

It is tiring and almost stressful tourism that requires overnighting in camps in the open. It is characterized by one of the primitive means of transportation such as (walking – bicycle – motorcycle – car), provided that the distance is not less than a one-day walk as a minimum. It requires the owner of the trip to have Endurance, patience, and adaptability in different environments and to take enough food, such as traveling from one city to another on foot or using a bicycle, or taking a trip in forests and mountains, or roaming by car from one country to another. This activity helps travelers to discover places more broadly and comprehensively. It differs from other tourism and often offers a unique exploratory experience in remote areas. It is suitable for the individual trip and very few groups.

13- Adventure tourism:



Adventure tourism is often under a specific facility specialized in adventures, where the experience is thoughtful and lively. Often the activities are different according to the facility sponsoring it, such as safari trips, in particular, deep-sea fishing, climbing high mountains, rafting in fast rivers, and a trip to dunes—carrying out various activities that increase the adrenaline level of the tourist and give a sense of euphoria, risk, and moments of challenge and danger. This activity is very suitable for groups.

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